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What To Know When Booking a Makeup Artist

Congratulations on your engagement! Now, here comes the hard part- booking your wedding vendors! When the options are limitless, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’m here to help guide you through booking a makeup artist for your special day, to make your planning just that tad bit easier.

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Do your research!

Read testimonials from former clients

Reading testimonials and reviews from past clients are a great way to find out more about your artist. The Newfoundland Brides page is a great resource! I highly recommend searching the name of the artist you wish to book to see how other brides have found their service in the past. Many artists will also have testimonials on their websites that you can view.

Ask about the artists education and credentials

With Instagram and Youtube becoming increasingly popular, there are many people becoming interested in makeup! It truly is an art form and a great way to express your creativity. However, not everyone who is a makeup lover has what it takes to be a bridal makeup artist. Ask your chosen artist for their background and credentials. Are they self taught? Do they have an education in makeup artistry or esthetics? How long have they been doing makeup professionally? Finding an experienced artist ensures you are receiving a sanitary makeup application for yourself and your guests. Safety first!

Ask to see real, unedited, unfiltered photos of their work

With social media, also comes filters. Sure, it’s super fun to play around with Snapchat filters every now and again. But your chosen artist shouldn’t be posting pictures of their work with them! It’s been increasingly common that photos are edited with effects such as blurring out pores and fine lines, sharpening lines in their work, or even changing the colors of the makeup entirely. Unfortunately, this only leads to overestimating your artists abilities. Scrolling your artists portfolio to look for real, raw, pictures of their work will show you exactly what to expect for your wedding look.

Ensure that you can see yourself wearing the makeup style featured in their photos

When you look through the artists portfolio, look to see if they have a multitude of different makeup styles shown, or if they show little variety. Imagine yourself being the bride in the photo, and ensure that the makeup style pictured is what you envision for your day. Not every makeup style is for every person, just as not every style is the right fit for every artist. If you can’t tell what their specialty is from their photos, ask! An artist would gladly let you know if they focus on more natural looks versus an Instagram style glam, etc.

Protect yourself!

Professional communication

As a local makeup artist myself, I know that the majority of my inquiries come from social media. However, for your own personal protection as a client, having an alternate form of communication with your artist is essential. Most artists will have a business email that they regularly use, or they may give you their cell phone number. This creates ease of communication for you in the event that a facebook message goes missing, or that a page or profile gets taken down.

Don’t send a retainer/deposit unless there is a contract or receipt accompanying it

Most professional vendors will take a retainer fee (deposit) for services, anywhere in the range of 25-50+%. This is not only to protect our time and business as vendors, but also to reassure you, our valued clients, that our time is yours for your special day. To help everything run smoothly, having a signed contract or agreement stating time, location, terms and conditions is essential. This document also acts as or accompanies your receipt of deposit and helps to ensure that your booking, and your money is safe.

If possible, meet with your artist for a trial

Your makeup artist is one of the few vendors that spends a substantial amount of time with your bridal party the day of your wedding. Meeting your artist for a trial before your wedding day is the best way to get to know them, their makeup style and to come up with your dream look for your wedding day! This is especially important if you have any sensitivities, skin conditions, or allergies. Your artist should be more than willing to accommodate any sensitivity, skin condition, or allergy that you have, to ensure a beautiful result without irritation, or compromising your skin.

Thank you for reading and I hope all future brides have found this information useful!

Feel free to reach out with any other questions concerning makeup artistry, I would love to help.

Happy wedding planning!

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