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Sanitation for Professional Makeup Applications

When it comes to my makeup business, sanitation has always been my top priority. The health and safety of every one of my clients is the most important aspect of this career to me.

To give you peace of mind during this unprecedented time, I wanted to run through my sanitation practices for my professional makeup kit and workstation. I want to assure you that even before this pandemic, they have always been clean and disinfected, and will continue to be after this passes.

Here are some things that Blush Makeup + Beauty NL does to keep you safe as our client:

-A clean paper towel is placed on the workstation before every single client. This becomes the sole work surface.

-Hands are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before your service.

-I use newly cleaned brushes that have been washed in soap and water on every client. Additionally, each one is disinfected with 70% alcohol. I do not utilize spray brush cleaner as the sole cleaner. A spray cleaner is used for disintegrating hard to remove product, or to switch colors used on the brush for the same client.

-I never double-dip a brush directly into a cream or liquid product. I use a disinfected spatula to scoop product out onto a clean stainless steel palette. I strictly work from that surface.

-Pressed powder products are thoroughly wiped over and sprayed with 70% alcohol between services.

-I never apply mascara or brow gels directly from the tube. Single use, disposable wands are always used to apply mascara and brow gels. These wands are never double dipped.

-All tools, from lash curlers to tweezers, are thoroughly disinfected before and after every use. This protects the client, as well as my kit and products from cross-contamination.

-These guidelines are adhered to no matter the setting, whether it be my own home, your home, a studio space or hotel room.

In addition to these everyday steps, I am also diligent in making sure that if myself or the client is not feeling well or has symptoms of any illness, the service will not be performed for the safety of everyone involved.

Finally, I am continuing to closely monitor the current COVID-19 situation and will continue to remain closed for any services until government officials deem it safe to reopen.

Thank you for your continued trust in Blush Makeup + Beauty NL, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces as soon as safely possible!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at or send me a message on my facebook page .

xo Lauren

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